Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hey there, I haven't posted anything about XNA tools yet, that's right, and I feel bad about it. I'm going to be posting sometime soon. In the meantime check out the game we made for the Global Game Jam, here in Caracas.

The Game Jam is a 48 hours event where you and your team create a small game. This year the first global Game Jam took place and 1600 participants around the globe worked to create more than 300 games.

You can check out the games made here at Universidad Simón Bolívar here.

Our game was Gnaka-Gnaka (pronunced in Spanish ñaka-ñaka) written on XNA by these 8 persons

Jose Alberto Gomez / Artist
Alex Perez / Sound Designer
Henry Quintero / Programmer
Alejandro Martinez / Graphics Programmer
Andres Barrera / Programmer
Luis Miguel Blanco / Programmer
Jose Dunia / Programmer
and me, also programming

We might be releasing it on the Xbox LIVE Community Games, in the meantime you can download it from the link above.
The game includes the Debug Console which I talked about before. You can use it if you like, later next week I'll be posting about it and offering a direct link to the code.

See ya then.