Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Let me introduce you to the Debug Console for XNA. It is designed to be an handy set of runtime tools you can use to debug your game. Right now it does not have too many features but it does have some that you may like.

Current Features
  • Show. Live! watch of variables.
  • Alert. A text that pops out to indicate when an event happens.
  • ShowMark. Put some marks on the 3D space.
  • ShowLine. Draw lines on the space.
  • ShowBox. Draw a box on the space (this is not currently in the DebugConsole, but in a matters of days will be).
  • ShowSphere. self explained.
  • Improve performance by making smarter use of the video card calls.
  • Improve the way matrices are passed to the console, to make it more flexible and comfortable.
If you're interested you can download the source code.
I definitely want to get feedback from you, so leave a comment/bug report/feature request/anything else, whenever you want.

UPDATE: Instructions on next post.

Until next post,