Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Debug Console - Second Release

Hello, I fixed a lot of issues I had with the console I didn't know about.
  • I'm now using the same effect (an instance of XNA's BasicEffect) for every component.
  • Lines are now traceable. That is, each line you draw have a name, then when you draw a line with the same name, the previous line gets moved.
  • Some of you might had problems with the ShowLine and ShowMark methods, fixed.
  • I have created a new command parser in order to add scalability. You can now for example use Game1.console.Execute("trace Player1.position", position); and would be the same as using Game1.console.Show("Player1.position", position);. This is because later I will add the feature to trace values in runtime, something that will decrease debugging time for your games.
Things I need to fix:
  • console.DrawBox
  • console.Log
  • Test it on the XBOX
The code is now commited. and here's the .dll library



Rod Navarro said...

Hey Juan. Very Nice Job!.

Im currently studying in the Nueva Esparta University and using XNA a lot in my thesis to produce a Game Engine.

Would be nice to talk to you some day.


Juan Campa said...

I'm glad you're interested. I would like to see your engine, I hope you can use the console. Here's my MSN messenger: juax "at" hotmail "dot" com

Cris7ian said...

good work dude, very useful